Trying to Make a Difference In My Life

After much ado, about a very important issue, I took a stand. I felt like I was not going to get anywhere just hiding beneath the cracks and being stepped upon by some other woman. Honestly, that's how I felt. How could he give her the upper hand over me, especially since he was living with me? If he wanted to be with her so much, why didn't he just pack his bags and leave? That was a million dollar question. For one, he had way too many things in the garage to move once again. He didn't like change. He just wanted to go on and on this way, doing as he pleased. I HAD to do something......but what could I have done to make a big impact on this whole ordeal we were going through? I didn't want the other woman to chase me out of my own home though. I had to think on this awhile, and while I did, I decided to give him "the cold shoulder" for awhile. It was hard at first because he thought I was going to give in right away. I got up in the mornings, made my kids breakfast and tending to my own business. He was floored. He did not like this at all, but I had to stick with it to see if it was going to get me anywhere. I hated having to go through this. I felt like a teenager in high school again, planning out my next move.


Anonymous said...

You go girl!

Remember, it's not her, it's him. He is doing this and she is a victim too. Nobody should be able to put another through this pain.

Hang in there and don't give up.

Anonymous said...

He wont leave because he likes cheating. He likes having someone on the side. If he left he'd have to find someone on the side of the woman now. Sneaking and the danger of getting caught is powerful drive.

He is not leaving you because you are more useful to him then the other women. You are intelligent and can take care of him and his business.