Good Traits In Seeking Your Soul Mate

What makes a good partner anyways? I know that everyone wants someone who is faithful. Many people want someone who is nice looking, but have you thought about what else is important? Have you found those good traits in your partner?  And have you kept up with those same traits for your own partner?  Here are some of the more important things I have discovered in having a great partner/husband or wife.

 1.Trustworthy----need to be able to trust

 2. respect-----someone to respect you as a person, your needs and your thoughts

 3. someone who is open and willing to talk/discuss important issues----without this, it's hard to work things out.

 4. no abusive behavior----no body want to go through any type of abuse, whether it be physical, verbal or mental.

 5. Ability to support one's self or self reliability----of course there has to be a way to pay the bills because we cannot live for free

 6. Ability to compromise----Everybody has ideas and thoughts and not everyone agrees on the same issues so you need someone who is willing to compromise with you, even if it's a willingness to agree to dis-agree. This is important for working on issues in a marriage or partnership.

 7. Good hygene-----this of course, goes without any explanation.

 8. Someone who is sympathetic to your needs and I don't mean sympathy for you, but willingness to have a heart and soul.

 9. a Loving heart and behavior