Questions about Working Things Out

I have been through so many different phases of life with man and yet, I still ponder upon the questions that have no answers. Why can't he give me anything concrete? I asked him about these other women and I got nothing. Sometimes I felt as though he was trying to make me feel like I was just dreaming it all happened, but it wasn't a was more like a nightmare. Was he so tired of lying and trying to find suitable answers for me, that he just couldn't think up anything else and therefore remained silent? This did not work for me and he wasn't willing to help me get through the grieving process of it all. I have been told by many, that if they really and honestly want to work through this infidelity, that they should do whatever it takes, even being patient through the whole process of questions and crying. He was not willing to do that. He wanted me to get over it, and forget it all. Forgiving is one thing, and boy is that a hard thing to do, but forgetting was another thing. The mind cannot forget easily, especially when you have had to deal with the problems for such a long period of time. How can we get around this hard period of time? I mean, some of us just want out, but others want to try to work things out. How can we trust again? It's all a matter of BOTH parties wanting to make it work and really trying toward that goal. If they say they want things to work out, but they don't try, what does that say?

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Anonymous said...

In O magazine that's out on the stands now Dr Phil's column deals exactly with this question. I strongly urge you to read it. It seems you are having a hard time with the reality of this. You need to see it for what it is in order to deal with it and recover from it. Please read that column!