Time Spent Without So Much Worry

Our daughter was going on with life normally, making fairly good grades at school, coming home and riding her bike. She also developed a want for a horse. Geez, this was not a good time to want something so gigantic, much less it was something that I just could not afford at the time. I found our local 4-H and we joined a group for horses. They were a wonderful group, and taught my daughter not only how to ride, and barrel race. but horse care too. I found this time with my daughter to be very calming. We spent alot of time together not only with 4-H activities, but riding horses and practicing technique on the weekends. Although we didn't have our own horse,we borrowed horses from the 4-h group, and this gave my daughter a chance to learn something that she really took interest in. We volunteered at Christmas time wrapping presents and doing the 4-H thing and it really took my mind off my problems at home. This time was so very important though because I needed to find myself. I needed to spend much needed time with my daughter. Not only that, I had a chance to separate my problems from him. This helped me more than I can actually say.


Anonymous said...

So good to hear. Your world is bigger then just him and I'm glad you are finding yourself and what's important to you. Your daughter will really appreciate this time with you and brings you two closer and stronger.

Jafabrit said...

I am sorry you had to go through this :(

It makes a huge difference to our relationship with our children if we take an interest in what they do, share it or try to find creative ways to make it happen. In fact I think the way you went about it was far better than just giving her a horse.

all the best