No "thankyou", Only Heartache

Although I post signs for infidelity and how to spot it, it's not always easy. I did not see too many signs in the beginning or perhaps I just didn't want to see any signs. I didn't want to face the obvious, what was right in my face, "the other woman". Nobody wants to face the fact that they are not the "only" woman in their man's life. Other than his own mother, of course, but you know what I mean. I didn't want to even think that he was out gallivanting around with someone else while I was taking care of the kids, cooking, washing the laundry and even washing his clothes for him, while he was out having a good time. I felt since I was doing all the family "chores" that he should have owed me some gratitude. Where was my "thankyou" for putting up with everything that he had put me through all these years? I didn't get a thanks, or any part of gratitude when it came to putting up with everything that he had put me through......all I got was him being a cheater. That really put me into a bad mood....heck, it made my whole world fall apart.

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