Loving a Partner That Cheats

Loving someone comes straight from the heart. There's no doubt about that. How can we turn off our love when someone cheats on us? Of course, when we find out we become sad, and angry and we have all of these emotions coming all together and it really gets us feeling out of wack. What can we do about loving someone who cheats on us? That's when we must take a step back, pause for a moment and try and figure out what the rest of our world is going to bring. There are no guarantees in life that he/she is going to want to work things out and be faithful forever afterwards, and then again, what if we don't want to work it out? Those are some questions that really take time for us to think about and answer. I really think that it takes time to heal, time to decide what comes next, and finally, you must take time to think things over.

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