Signs of Infidelity

There are signs that can help you find out if you are being cheated on, but keep in mind, even though your partner may do some of these, it doesn't always mean that he/she's cheating.
1. Different Grooming Habits
2. Sneakiness or Secretive Behavior
3. Day to day behavior change
4. Defensive about being late, or being evasive with answers
5. Having a new "favorite" shirt, cologne or other personal item suddenly
6. Withdrawing from you
7. Difference in sexual behavior

Now, just to explain a bit, "different grooming habits" whether it be a new haircut, shaving more often, or maybe him paying more detail to his grooming than he normally does.
"Sneakiness or secretive" as in hiding the cell phone, pager, credit card bills, or maybe him/her suddenly washing their own clothes when they normally never have.
"Day to day behavior changes" such as mood changes, him/her changing their daily routine, suddenly out of his/her normal patterns
"Defensive" about being late and not telling you ahead of time about coming in late, or perhaps making it a habit day after day, not giving you any answers why he is late, or lying about why he is coming in late.
"Having a new shirt or cologne" as a new favorite all of a sudden. Buying a new set of clothing or wanting to completely change his way of dressing.
"Withdrawing from you" as if he/she is just not as interested as he/she used to be
"Difference in sexual behavior" like wanting to try something new after many years of the same pattern.
These are some of the signs that you can look for. Let me say though, that not all of these signs may be visible to you because when you are in a relationship, you don't always "SEE" these signs, even though they may be right there in your face. My man was an excellent liar and he always primped in front of the mirror, so I couldn't see anything different with my situation. He was always kind of a sneaky man so I had no clue there either. He had his times of withdrawing because he wasn't always the best "family" man or husband, so there, nothing was different for me. The only things that I noticed were some differences in sexual behavior and being evasive about when I questioned him. He just totally would NOT answer me. Whenever I questioned him about another woman, he became even more sneakier. I will say this though, if they are cheating, eventually they will slip up enough and get caught, especially if you do not call their attention to it.


Jafabrit said...

Here is another one. My father was a master at this. He would pick a fight with my mum and then storm out of the house. It was his excuse to get out of the house and blame it on my mother.

Debbie said...

yes, you are certainly right. My ex did this as well.....and boy did it work, however, his excuse was that he had to "work"