Getting Away From All The Drama

And once again, I became a stronger woman. I stuck to my plan, giving him the cold shoulder, yet still being decent towards him, letting him get the idea that I was done playing his games. He continued to try everything that he could to smile at me while passing me in the hallway. I know that this all sounds childish and perhaps totally ridiculous but I had to stop and take a break from all the drama that he was putting in my life and I had to find a calm place to land. To be honest here, this time in my life was good, because I took some time to separate myself from him and his "other woman", well, the woman that I knew he had but him refusing to admit existed. I continued my quest. .... grocery shopping alone, cooking dinner and feeding the kids and I, while letting him come in and fix his own plate of food. I found things around the house that needed to get done, since I had neglected to do it while all the crying was going on. I found some time to find ME again.

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Angela said...

Ok, now it's time to kick his ass to the curb!