Examining the Signs of Infidelity

I have listed below the signs of infidelity, and I am sure there are other signs that you can look for, but really, I didn't notice that many of those signs. My most noticeable sign was his being sneaky. Acutally the more that I calle attention to certain things that I found questionable, the more he sneakier he became. The "other woman's" phone calls were coming in from her work number and when I called attention to it, they became "private" calls. That put me further and further away from finding out what was going on. When I told him that I saw that she was calling from her work, I believed him when he told me that she was the one who was bothering him and that he was not talking to her at all. After that, the work number did not show up. I was so curious why things changed and to be honest, it was right in front of my nose. It was him. He was the one telling her about my questions and that made them going into hiding more. I was so involved in trying to find out, that I just did things without thinking them out first. I wished that some of those things that I did, I could have done differently. I am shuttered by the fact that I took so much of my precious time out to delve into the matter, but really, what do you do when you are so in love with your partner and find out that they are cheating? It is terribly devistating, to say the least. I should have examined the signs of infidelity a little closer perhaps, but would it have done me any good? Possibly not.

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