Why Does This Have to Be So Hard?

This is a golden question.......why does this have to be so hard? I really went through alot of bad times with him, and it should be easier to get over, but it's not. Looking back, I found myself crying and wondering way more than I should have. I spent way too much time "going through" infidelity and his cheating on me. I wished that I would have looked for other ways to get through it. Maybe I just loved him too much and to be honest, I was afraid to be alone. I didn't want to be alone. I was raised up with the notions that I was to be married, have kids and there were no divorces, or very rare ones. Maybe I was sticking to what I had been taught. Today, I sit here and I reflect upon all that I have been through with this man, and I can now see, that I should have done things a little different. I should have been strong enough to walk away, but I had such a hard time of it. It's very difficult looking at your own situation, especially in this one, because you have so much hope that things will get better. If you are still struggling, now is the time to find some strength. Talk to someone who will listen. It really does help.

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