Do You Recognize The Signs Of Cheating?

Here are a few signs that I have come to recognize that may be warning signs of something going on that shouldn't be...but by all means, this doesn't always mean that they are cheating.

1. difference in appearance, the way they dress, different cologne, spending more time in front of the mirror, better grooming habits.
2. not coming home when expected, spending more time out alone or with friends, becoming more interested in being somewhere other than home or with you/family.
3. becoming more secretive, hiding cell phone or cell phone bills, credit card bills, receipts, deleting incoming or outgoing phone calls, not being able to be reached, not answering normal questions about their whereabouts like before.
4. noticing your partner getting more calls or email than usual
5. becoming less interested in being with you or doing family things together
6. less sex, less intimacy, or wanting to explore more sexual positions than before
7. discovering lies that they have told you.
8. picking fights so they can get out of the house with a reason when normally they don't leave after a fight.
9. your partner not wearing their wedding ring when they normally do.
10. noticing that your partner is acting differently towards you.


Anonymous said...

I never thought that my husband could have been cheating on me until I read through this list. I guess i was really trusting and naive.

Anonymous said...

I noticed changes in my husband for a long long time. Didn't believe all those signs were actually "cheating" signs. I'm grateful for having found out about it last week. Too bad I couldn't do it sooner... they've been together for more than 9 months...... guys are jerks!

Colin said...

I never thought I would have infidelity in a marriage, but it happened to me too. I noticed all the signs, but I was more in denial. Its funny how we notice whats going on, but we just refuse to believe the negative, until it hits us one day. I hate that in the end, I was wishing I never met this person, even though I loved them deeply.