What Is Love All About?

Oftentimes, I wonder what love is really all about anyways. I grew up knowing that love wasn't easy but I sure wanted to try it out for myself, and that, I did. My parents were together for all of my 16 years, but divorced, leaving me to wonder what went wrong and how could things get so far mixed up that it had to end that way. I am here to tell you, that the feelings that I had for my ex went way beyond just liking him. He was a good, hard working man. My heart always felt so joyous when I saw him and I did everything in my power to please him. I was grateful to have him. I never knew that we would have ended up in divorce. We were very compatible as well, but one thing that we did not have was communication. He did not like talking and he didn't like discussing anything at all. I still wonder what led him to cheat on me, and did he ever even love me at all?

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