Was It My Destiny To Be Cheated On?

What did I do to deserve what he gave to me? I was a great wife. I would like to know if I was destined for this heartache. I married him to have a partner in life. I wanted him and I to live that sometimes "fantasy dream" of a marriage that lasts forever, and the only thing that I got was his cheating on me. I often wonder if I had done something in life to deserve all the hurt and worry that I got with him. It wasn't always like that, but did I do something to get that final kick in the boot? Will I be able to find a new love that will treat me right?

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Marc said...

Hi Debbie:

In my experience, 90% of the men who cheat do it for selfish/self-centered reasons. In other words, you probably didn't do anything wrong, or at least not wrong enough that he needed to cheat on you. Were there things that you could have done better? Probably. That's called being human, and there is always something that we could be doing better.

Understand that you will never be perfect. Trying to figure out how you may have fallen short, in his estimation, is an absolute waste of time. What I suggest is this: realize that he was acting out of selfish interests, and find someone who will love you not despite your human flaws, but because of them.

Cheers, Marc