A Lonely Father's Day

How do you celebrate your ex's Father's Day ? My daughter has always wanted anxiously to go out and purchase her dad something special for his Father's Day gift, but something has changed this year. I don't know if it's because she is grown up enough to see how things are happening or she just doesn't have that sparkle about the buying gifts this year. Although child support just started back up again after a very long five-month halt due to an injury he had, he has not spent any time coming to see his beautiful daughter. Our daughter is a teen, full of life and love, but he just doesn't seem to care anymore. How will we be spending father's day? For the moment, I am not sure, but all our daughter bought this year was a card for him. I wasn't sure how to handle this, but I think that she is doing what she feels is best. Maybe she is starting to see how he treats her. How would you handle a father who doesn't want to come around to visit his children? He can come at ANY time to see her, pick her up or whatever and doesn't have the TIME for her. He is surely going to have a lonely father's day this year.....but will he even care?

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