Did He Tune Us Out?

I guess my ex hubby must have tuned us out of his life because he sure hasn't called about our daughter or even come by to see her. She has called him with no return phone calls as well. What happens to a man who's cheated and has lost his family over it? First of all, he doesn't have his built-in cook....so now he's having to cook or eat out most of his meals, unless he's lucky enough to get the other woman to cook for him. Secondly, he's lost his housekeeper because now he's cleaning up the house by himself. I wonder if that made him appreciate me more? Thirdly, he has lost all the chatter and noisiness in the home. We are not there with the tv's and radios going so now he has alot of peace and quiet. And to think, he doesn't have anyone at home to bark at about anything he wants when he comes in. Do you suppose he's happier this way? Has he become such a loner now that we are gone or is he just wanting me to think he is and feel sorry for him? I know he didn't spend Father's Day alone, because he normally doesn't like being alone. Maybe the other woman is now taking on some of these chores. I wonder how long she's going to stick around now with having to get into some of the chores of daily life with him, and not being wined and dined so much?

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