10 Steps To Recovery After Infidelity

Just exactly what are the steps to recovering after your partner has cheated on you? How do you get over it? Well, sometimes you just don't get over it, but you can learn how to put your mind more at ease with these little steps.
1. Accept the fact that you are not always going to get all the answers you want. We want to know why it happened and all the small details but we won't always get all the answers.
2. Learning how to trust your partner again will take time.
3. Both partners must both want to work things out to stay together. One sided relationships just do not work.
4. Councelors, clergy, and others who do not have a side in your relationship really can offer alot of advice.
5. Only you can decide your future. Well-meaning relatives that like giving advice cannot make your decisions for you. You must do this on your own.
6. Don't put a timetable on yourself. Sometimes time heals and sometimes it's time to let go.
7. Be kind to yourself. You are not the one who stepped outside the relationship. You did not make the choice to cheat.
8. Don't bring the children into your arguments. They are innocent and need to be left out of the heated conversations.
9. Do something nice for yourself. This really helped me alot while I was dealing with my ex-hubby's cheating.
10. Learn that at some point in your life, you must either forgive and go on in peace, or settle on a resting place so that you can move on with life. Don't let his/her infidelity run your life for the rest of your life.

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Millie said...

It's been almost 2 years in August since I found out my husband was having a long-term relationship. We've worked it all out and are very happy.

I can't imagine going thru that and having five kids to raise on your own. Give yourself a huge pat on the back.