Trusting Is So Important

When I discovered his cheating, on top of the shock, I felt be-littled. I had trusted him so much but he violated my trust. He felt like his telling me how sorry he was meant that I would immediately trust him again. That didn't happen. I was not about to let my guard down again, especially only on his word of trust. Trusting your mate is one of the most important parts of being together. During the time I suspected his cheating, I spent countless hours checking behind him, and I felt like I wasted precious time. I totally wanted things to be back to our "normal" life again, but it would never be. I even tried staying with him for a while after he apologized but he wasn't willing to work things out with me, the other woman kept calling and for me, with no trust, I wasn't able to build a life back with him. How important do you believe trust is in a relationship?

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