When His Heart Is With Someone Else

What can you do if you have discovered your partner cheating? Do you confront him/her right away? What do you do if you confront them and they are not willing to break things off with the other person in their life and work things out with you? How do you deal with a man whom you have loved for a very long time that wants to be with someone else? When his heart is with someone else, most likely, you might not be able to work anything out. If this is what's happening in your situation, you might try and plead with them to stay, but do you really want to be with someone that doesn't want to be with you? It takes two people in a relationship to work things out. If they want to be with someone else, most likely it's over. Talking about the situation calmly can sometimes shed some light on what's going on with them and why they feel the need to be with someone else. A counselor or pastor can often offer some help. Remember, you can't make someone love you or be with you., and really, you deserve someone better than that.


Seeking Peace of Mind... said...

The confusion and just not knowing how to get (I mean REALLY get) past all of the feelings, are the worst things. You can always say to yourself that this is what was meant to be, but it still hurts. You can say, I can become a stronger person for this, but it still is hard. The hardest thing is not trusting and putting yourself down for not seeing it all. But if you were true to your Self and to your relationship, then you can be at peace. At some point, he will deceive her as he has deceived you. He won't be able to help himself.

Susan said...

The confusion can actually drive you insane. If you have confronted them about it and they still will not break it off I would strongly recommend breaking your relationship with the guy off. He obviously has no respect for your feelings.