Can I Really Get Over Him?

My oh my, I don't know why he gets stuck in my head, in my thoughts after all this time. Why did this man have to be a cheater? I wonder if it was just in his blood. I guess he must have grown up thinking that this kind of behavior was alright. But it wasn't, at least not to me. I wonder sometimes if I will ever get over him. We were so happy at one time. Actually, we didn't fight much, except when I found out about his cheating.....then it was a constant battle. Why do I keep remembering the good things about him and tend to shuffle some of the bad under the rug? Will I ever get over him? I really do think that one day, the answer will be yes, but it just takes time for wounds to heal. He turned out to be a nice looking, hard working man, but that just wasn't enough to make a marriage work. I know that by taking one day at a time, I will become a stronger woman. I know that even though my heart says one thing, my head and mind are stronger and knows that living with a cheater that doesn't want to make things right, would have never worked for me. I needed a man who was in love with only me, and who wanted to make our family happy.

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