Who Gets The Bills?

Apparently, I got stuck with alot of the bills, but he did put some work into our house, and he too, put some home improvements on his credit as well. I had one card, he had another. When we split up, I kept my card, he kept his. Not long after I moved out, I got a call from an attorney. He had gone in to complain about the fact that he was stuck with a credit card with home improvements that he was having to pay for alone....well, not only was I paying on my own card with home improvements on it, but he was living in the house. I was the one who picked out the house. I never wanted to leave, but after all was said and done, he would not move out. I ended up with nothing, only personal belongings. Once again, I got the shaft. When he cheated on me, and then again when I lost my half of the house, and then he had the nerve to want me to pay on his credit card too? I quickly explained to the attorney that not only was he in the house, but he was self employed and he puts most of his business expenses on his card, not only our home improvents. I really don't know what he was thinking, except to maybe try and get my attention. Why did he cause all this commotion? Who got the bills? I got most of them....that's right, I really feel like I got the bad end of the deal.

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Craig's Wife said...

I am a Deb too. I will say to you what my counselor said to me. Let the angry bad thoughts come in & go out like they are on a conveyor belt. Where you go wrong is when you pick them up and play with them. I am right there with you. You have my support