Staying Or Going?

All those days spent thinking that my husband was such a nice man, I never knew he was out on the town hammin it up with the other woman. Now, why would such a nice man with a family want to go out with someone else? What did she have that I didn't have? Nothing apparently. I had heard from everyone how he was such a nice and considerate man. Ha, did they get blindsided as much as I did? When they found out that I left, but didn't know why, they must have been pointing fingers at me wondering why I would leave such a "sweet" man. They didn't know how he took his lunch time hours to go and meet her. They didn't know that he was hiding money in his van to give to her to help her pay her bills. They didn't know that he was mowing her yard and doing all her handyman work too! Do I care about what they think about me? At first I did, but now I really don't care. Sometimes people on the outside like to make judgements about others without really knowing the facts. I am holding my head up tall because I know that I tried with all of my heart and besides, it's me that had to live with the infidelity and his cheating all the time that I did. I can never get that part of my life back. Don't let others dictate how your life should be spent. Only you can make the decision of staying or going.

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