Settling For Less Than What You Deserve

Why did I settle for so much less? I know that when I was in the situation, I really wanted to try and make it work. But looking at hind site now, I wonder what took me so long to get out of that situation. I spent countless days sneaking around his sneakiness, trying to find out what phone calls were coming in on his cell phone, I snuck out early every single morning to his van to find out what money he had hiding. I became tired of the same old thing.....and nothing helped my situation. He was cheating and I couldn't stop him. Back when they had pagers, I even took his pager from him, because I felt like he had a cell phone, why a pager too? Well, she was sending him codes on it and I couldn't figure it out. I ran up a brick wall about the whole thing and nothing helped. I sit here and wonder why I settled for so much less...why I put up with his cheating, lying and sneakiness. I was miserable and he didn't care. I now see, that I am so much better than all of this and I'm so glad that I don't have to settle for his bad behaviour anymore.

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