How Does He Treat You After The Divorce?

After our divorce, he was hurt, understandably. He didn't want the divorce, but I felt like I couldn't live with him knowing that he had cheated on me for such a long time. I fled like a bat out of heck if you know what I mean. I kept my distance because all he did after we divorced was call me crying about how he loved me and the kids. He wrote me notes, he left me cell phone messages. At first, all we did was go around and round about his cheating. We could never get out of that circle. It was hopeless. I then learned to stay completely away from him except for when he wanted to see his daughter, but that never happened. We stayed apart for a good 8 months. He saw me one day and was so nice to me. He must have finally felt some guilt for his actions. How did he treat me then after so long? He was just like the first time we met. How strange that with time apart, he actually saw how he hurt me. How does your ex treat you now?

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