Seeing The Real Side Of Things

Did the other woman not care about how stinky his feet are when he comes in at night? Or how he is so picky about what foods he eats? Does she have to deal with washing his clothes or making sure that all the buttons were on his shirts? She didn't have to deal with all of those every day chores that you do when you marry or partner with someone. The other woman didn't have to put up with his nasty comments about your friends, or get angry about the kids spilling something. The other woman only gets to see the best parts of him. What happens when reality really steps in here? Do you put up with all of it, just to get the worst part of him? I was totally in love with my husband. He had so many wonderful qualities and I was really floored when I found out about his cheating. I gave him all the best that I had to give, but he found someone else. Honestly though, he cheated with someone that didn't know how he really was in the day-to-day world. She only saw the good side. Did she think that he was perfect because she only saw him for brief periods of time?

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Anonymous said...

I guess the honeymoon is over for the other woman. Now she not only has to deal with the reality of the 'full time him' but also the fear of him having another woman. One who cheats will keep's just too exciting to stop.