Why Did He Try To "Be-little" Me?

Everyone knows that when you are married or in a trusted relationship for a bit of time, there are disagreements, arguments and things of such. Nobody can get along totally without some kind of discussions at times. At first, before he cheated on me, we were like a normal couple with the every day things also with times of having to deal with problems. But, after he started cheating on me, I noticed that he would start picking fights with me and I just never could figure out what was going on with him. There were times that I thought that he was a Dr. Jeckle-Mr Hyde kind of guy. He seemed to wait for any kind of reason to start something and it would make me cry that he would pick on me so much. He even got down-right nasty at times and suddenly decided to call each one of my friends names......ugly names. Did he feel guilty about his cheating on me and that's why he picked on me so much? Why would he call names, and even start calling me names and hurting my feelings so much? Was he so in to the other woman that he only felt happy with her, but miserable with me? I guess he just took it too far, because I eventually divorced him and then he started crying. Why did he even have to start ?

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