Do You Love Someone Who Doesn't Love You Back?

Did he tell you that he loved you and committed himself/herself to you but now it's all gone? What makes a person want to hurt someone else? I don't think it's intentional, but things happen sometimes that are out of our control. I knew that he loved me when we got together, and the happiness that we shared was real. We had a beautiful daughter and we were joyous ! Somewhere he must have felt that it just wasn't enough, because he chose to seek someone out and carry on with another woman. This did not last a short while, but a very long one. She must have just been waiting for every chance that she could get with him and she did not care that he was married or had a child. Did I still love him even though he hurt me tragically? Yes, I did, and he told me that he loved me too, but how could he have? Was I in love all that time with a man who only tolerated me because it was easy for him to let me be his housekeeper and business care-taker? Did he actually ever love me? I think at some point, he did, but why he chose to "love" or "lust" someone else is still a mystery to me, and I think it will always stay a mystery.

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foxiladi said...

Hello Debbie,

I am so sorry that you hurt so much. I understand the devistation that you are going through by trusting in someone that means so much to you , that commited themselves to you, and then destroyed in. By no means, would I be defending him, infidelity is a terrible thing to do; however, I am married and I struggle with the thoughts of it constantly. I feel terrible for just thinking them, but sometimes I cannot help the lustful thoughts that invade my mind. I love my husband very much and he is a very, very wonderful person, and I know that ever acting on these thoughts would devistate him. I don't really know if this helps any at all. . . I wish you the best and I hope that you will eventually be able to move on.