I Thought I Knew Him

I guess I really didn't know him though. He was someone that I had been with for a very long time. He knew that I was a hard working woman and I believed in doing the right things. I knew how he loved to primp in front of the mirror, I knew how he liked being neat and tidy, always tying his dirty socks up in a little bow and putting them into the hamper. I knew how he liked having his shirts pressed and neat looking when he went out. I knew how he was so picky about every thing that he put into his mouth. I knew how much he loved working. I guess I didn't know that he must have thought that I was not enough woman for him, or he would not have seeked someone outside. I didn't know that he felt like he needed to give this woman "our" money to help her with her bills. I didn't know that he liked keeping secrets. What did I know about this man? I guess not much. Do you know your spouse?

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