The Other Woman Gets Braver

Here I was, trying to make things work, the calls were still coming in, only they weren't always marked private. I had a chance to answer his phone sometimes, especially since I handled his business and there I was--getting hung up on. So, I called the number back. It was her work !!! oh my, she was getting brave enough to call him...she wasn't only calling from her work, but she was calling on a set pattern. I recon she was calling him EVERY morning, during every break (2) and every lunch hour and when she got home. I was getting to know more about "her", even though she supposedly didn't exist. I knew her name, turns out, that many years ago, when our daughter was around 3 or 4 years old, he met her through a job. They became "friends". I thought that maybe she was the one who kept harrassing him because he swore up and down that HE never called anyone....that they always have to call him because he didn't like making phone calls. Now, I know, this sounds funny coming from a man who has his own self-employment business. I called my mom and cried so much, she must have thought I was a crying machine. My mother was always there to listen, but she also gave me some advice along the way. One piece of advice she told me was "If he wasn't seeing her, or calling her, then why is SHE calling so much?"


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your pain. My wife cheated on me several years back. I am still dealing with the issues created. Tried for a long time to put the marriage back together but it didn't work so we are now divorcing.

Each situation is different but there are always numerous similarities especially in infidelity itself.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

I know your pain so well - it's my pain too...!