My mother was a great advice-giver for me

In answer to my mother's question as to Why was this lady calling HIM so much? Well, I wanted to know. I became downright angry about it. I was mad alright....and I was convincing myself that SHE was the one who was chasing him. She must have been running after him because "he doesn't call anyone" as he said. I wanted to know the answers. I wanted to know why would she keep on calling him IF he was not calling her back.. Was there no way to stop this? Was my mom onto something that I just didn't know about? Mom said that he MUST have been talking to her at least SOME times in order for her to be calling so much. Let's face it, she was calling him every morning before her work started, every break and lunch period and when she got home from work. Why would she do this if he was never talking to her? I just didn't want to think about it, all I wanted to do was to make the calls stop. I just wanted some peace.

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