what was he doing while we were apart?

Continuing on, once I talked to HER, I actually believed her story. She really told a convincing one. Bad mistake on my part. But soon, I discovered, it wasn't just HER... there was another one too. She met him while he was working with his past employer, before he passed away and had contact with her from the time that our daughter was almost 4. Little did I know !!!! Maybe that's who he was seeing when he went out on late night "bids for his jobs". Now I was confused. There were 2 other ladies? I confronted him and he finally admitted to the second one but told me that it was over with her and that he had been living with her during the time we were apart. Actually, we were divorced but he convinced me that he wanted our family back together again and moved out of her home, to be with us. Oh boy !!! What was going to happen next?

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