Why am I not good enough?

I wonder why I didn't see before that his coming in and out was suspicious? I never thought about that before. I felt that since he had his own business, there were going to be times in between jobs, and times he would be home in between and times that he wouldn't be home in between because he would really be booked up on jobs, or estimates for jobs. I could see that there were "privately marked calls" coming in on his phone, so why didn't I look at this as suspicious right from the beginning? Perhaps it's just that I didn't want to admit that there was anything wrong here. I knew that I had been a good partner. I cooked, I cleaned, washed clothing and gave him a life of a "king". So, if he has all of his needs met, why would he even need to have anyone else? Was something wrong with me? Was I not pretty enough to keep him happy? Didn't I cook good enough? Did I go around untidy? No, I didn't. Actually, I wore makeup every day. I took a bath every day and was decently dressed.. So, what was going wrong here? I began wondering what was happening to my world.

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