Searching for the answers

So how do you know what to do about those phone calls? One thing's for certain, if you call him on it, he's going to know you suspect something and he is going to become even more sneaky. If I had only waited until I had something more concrete, but then again, a privately marked call for me WAS something concrete. He was the kind of man, who at times could be very private. And I was the kind of person who just couldn't understand about a private call....yes, maybe one or two times perhaps, but not THIS many. I became so angry and confused over this that I just couldn't hold it any longer. After all, he had cheated before. So, was his past something that was an indicator of his future? I didn't want to believe so. And this time, something fishy was up, and it was something that I felt like I needed to find out, so I kept searching for answers. I have heard people say, that if you look for something, you are definetly going to find something, and that something isn't always good....but then again, what could I do? We got a divorce over his cheating, and here I was again, wondering if it was happening again.

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