Finding phone numbers on the cell phone

I got brave, and I confronted him about the phone calls. I questioned him about the privately marked calls. He told me that they were telemarketers, or perhaps customers who didn't want him to know their phone numbers.....hahaha, that seems funny now because if I had thought about it THEN, I would have asked him why would some customer call for a job if they didn't want him to have their number. Boy, I really took it all in. There were times when he got downright MEAN and UGLY about my questions. After all, I wasn't supposed to be asking. So, one day, I became extremely desperate. I waited until he took his shower, and I saw his phone just there in the room like it was calling my name to open it. I know, I DID invade his privacy by getting it and opening it up. After all, he was going to be in the shower for awhile and I knew that I had time to just look. I saw so many numbers in there that I became intrigued. So, I did something without thinking..... I started writing down the numbers, and not only that, I wrote down what time they came in, and how long they were. I thought that maybe I could find a pattern of the same number. Then, I saw something that I didn't want to see. I saw a number with a different area code, but that was close to us, very close. I have to tell you the truth, after that, I hid the numbers and my heartbeat was rapidly beating that I felt wierd inside.

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Craze said...

I'm so sorry, I understand your pain. I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Questions that will probably never get answered. How does someone tell you they love you and then betray you like this.