Keeping a Secret

I kept this letter under wraps.. I just couldn't see telling him about it because I knew that he would deny it. You are probably wondering how he could deny "an actual letter right in your hands", but believe me, this man, he learned how to deny and lie to the best of his ability, almost believing his lies himself. But then, I had her address too. wow. She was in another town, but very close, too close if you ask me. So, I suffered in silence, all but my parents knowing. He went on about his daily thing, working and coming in as he pleased, leaving the same way. Day by day went on this way. At every opportunity, I did check the numbers on his phone and it was getting to where I was beginning to have a pretty good size log. I kept a roladex on his customers numbers and was able to determine most of them, but there were still numbers coming in from "HER" area code. I was busting at the seams. What could I do? What should I do? I was terribly confused and torn by this man, a man who told me he loved me and wanted our family to be together. A man who was a great working man, very clean, kept his dirty clothing in the hampers, a man who seemed so polite to everyone.....but he was really tearing me apart.

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