Worrying about your mate's infidelity

Panic set in as I really didn't want to have to go through this pain and suffering of worrying about it AGAIN. Gee, Why can't the man just go about life and let me have some peace? But then, he was not thinking about ME. Only himself. At this point, you discover something fishy is going on, but you quite don't know what to do. You start looking for answers. You wonder if it's something that YOU did, or perhaps something YOU could have done differently to change this. I asked myself once again "WHY". But this was not a question that I would find an easy answer to. After all, we weren't married anymore, but HE is the one who kept after me to get back together and put our family back together. This man was a man that was very soft spoken, but he had a temper. He was a hard working man too. I did everything in my power to be good to him. Actually, I went back to him because I felt like maybe there was something that "I" did wrong the first time and I wanted to make things right, for whatever reason he chose to hurt me....maybe I could get it right this time. My head was spinning and I was searching for the answers. But was that good enough?

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