Have You Had Sex With Your Ex?

Going through divorce is hard enough, leaving you feeling lonely and blue, wondering why life has dealt you this horrible hand, also leaving you wondering what is going to come next. I wanted my ex to beg my forgiveness, come running after me with roses in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other, but what a laugh! that didn't happen. I wanted him to really mean sorry, not just say the words. Never happened. Once I got tired of all the running around, trying to make things right within our marriage and it not working, I finally grew tired of it and packed my things and left. That's right, lock, stock and barrel, packed up my personal things and was gone in a flash. Never again did I allow myself to be alone with him long enough for him to make any moves towards me, but he sure tried. I know that if I had stayed long enough during any of my visits to pick up my mail or get something that I forgot to get, that he would have sweet talked me into something that I didn't want to do. What about sex? Sure, it was wonderful with him, I can't deny that, but I never allowed him to have it once we split. I know that many do though, because it's the only sure thing you know, and of course, you aren't fighting when you have sex. Have you had sex with the ex? Did you regret it?

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searchingwithin said...

I did have sex with my last ex-boyfriend. It happened after six months of us being separated. We didn't talk during that time. Somewhere within that time I came to forgiveness. Forgiveness for him and myself.

I think it happens so many times, because we are hoping that it will be the bind that brings you back together as a couple. But it seldom works out that way, and then we are left feeling empty, and ashamed of ourselves for allowing ourselves to behave that way.

It also flares up a lot of emotions that are best not setting aflame.

~Best Wishes~