He's A Sneaky Snake

Sneaky, indeed.....when he called me again to see how I was doing, I was starting to get annoyed at why he was calling me all of a sudden, and not even asking about how our daughter was or not saying one thing about her. I just listened to what he had to say because he never calls.  Now all of a sudden, he is unable to keep paying the house payment, and wants my grown son to move in and help him.  However, this really does make me mad now because when my son was moving out and REALLY needed a place to stay, the ex would not hear of it, didn't want any part of it, and was not willing to help him.  He has done an about face here and does he think that I am so blind that I can't see it? Did he think that by him offering my son a place that I would come around more? Possibly because my son and his wife just had a baby, my newest grandson, and of course I am going to visit more...... but, I honestly think it was a double-fold reason here because now he needs help in paying the house note and electric bill. Did he think that I would feel sorry for him?  Of course. I wanted so much to offer my help, but I just cannot.  I cannot regress at this point. I must stand up for myself and continue being strong.  I want so much to have my house back again, but I will not give up now and go back.  Sorry Ex snake--it's too late!

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you see him for the very selfish person that he is. I've been reading your posts for a long time and so far have never heard him not putting himself first. Stand firm in your heart and don't be sucked in and disappointed by him again. He doesn't care about you and yours except what you can do for him. He will end up a lonely old man indeed.