Times Have Surely Changed !

My how times have changed ! My mother raised me to get married, be a stay at home mom, and blah, blah, blah. Yes, today's times have really changed. I raised my daughters to be strong enough women that they would be able to support themselves if they needed to and to be open minded and talk things out when they were were having hard times. My mother taught me when I was young " just wait til your dad gets home!" yes, he was the disciplinarian. But in today's world, especially when the family is split up, the mother does most of the discipline, or if together, they don't wait until the other spouse gets home to do it. Dad always did the outside work such as cutting grass and taking out the trash, while mom stayed home and took care of kids and did the sewing and the cooking.....but today, even full time fathers have to do the inside work. Has everything changed because of women being more equal, or perhaps women having to work outside the home to be able to afford just the normal household bills? How did things change in such a quick period of time that it only seems like yesterday? I did, indeed, raise my children totally different than my mother raised me and my siblings. And honestly, my mother told me something way back when, and it was that even in my grandmother's time, there was cheating but they just didn't talk about it or deal with it in the way that we do in today's times.

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