When Will He Give Me Peace In My Life?

I am wondering what's going to happen next. I have been apart from my ex for quite some time now. I gave him a new life because he obviously didn't want to have a life with me and our family. I walked away, leaving him to have his freedom with those other two women that I found out about. I gave him what he wanted. I walked away with nearly nothing. For him, it seemed like he was happy with it all. He even got to stay in the house that we had bought together. That wasn't good enough though, because he started giving me trouble by contacting a lawyer and wanting me to pay on HIS credit cards when I had already helped him pay some of those off. It wasn't enough. He wanted more from me. I wasn't about to pay off credit cards that he uses for his business and customers, but he kept on. I was so fed up with him and what he wanted, that I signed my half of the house over to him....lock, stock and barrel. I got nothing back from him. No money for my half of the house. I got nothing but a piece of paper stating that I was no longer liable for the payments or the debt. That was a relief, in itself and I no longer had to help him on his credit cards. All I want in this life is peace. He has left me alone for awhile now, until those 2 phone calls. I am just sitting here in peace, and wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. What will he want from me next? And will I ever get peace from him and his needs?

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Angela said...

From now on, don't answer the phone just because it rings. Use your caller ID.

If and when you do have to speak to him because of the children, keep it strictly about the children.

If you have to, get something put in writing via your lawyer and have him served. You can set it up so that he can not contact you with regard to $$ etc.