He Called Me To See How I Was

I paused for a moment because right in the middle of working, I got an unexpected call.  Oh my gosh, it was from him.....my ex, who I have not heard from in MONTHS!  I saw that he had called one other time that I didn't hear my phone ringing. What could he possibly want? Why did he call? He never calls anyone. He had always told me that he doesn't like calling anyone but if they want to call him, then he will talk. That's a suprize, I guess he needed me to help him do something but what could it be?  Well, much to my suprize, he didn't want anything. Now, although I was amazed by this, I just couldn't help but wonder what he was up to.  He asked me how I was doing....wanted to know if I was okay and what have I been doing.  He said that he hadn't heard from me in awhile and he was curious.  Ok, by this time, I was floored.  That man hardly NEVER called me and it's been a very long time since I have seen or heard from him.  We ended the conversation nicely but it still left me leary of what he was up to.  Could he be having second thoughts about what he did to our family? Perhaps, but honestly, it's too late now. I thought that his call would take me back a notch or two, but I am happy to say, it didn't.   I am still on my way to recovery from this whole mess.  Thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

it's called regret, and he has it.

Angela (I am Pooped) said...

Damn straight it's too late! Good for you!