What Attracted You To Your Ex?

I was really not attracted to my ex in the beginning. He followed me around, told me how pretty I was and tried to catch my attention. I finally saw him one day during his work day and he was so polite. You see, my ex was a very nice looking man. He was thin, had a touch of curly black hair, the longest eyelashes you could only dream of having, cleaned up so nicely when not working, and was courteous and polite. My ex was always willing to help me out with things that I needed, handy man type things, changing a tire type of man, and a man that spoke very softly. He was always clean-shaven, and always had something sweet to say. Within time, I did fall in love with him. He became the love of my life. He was my everything in life. We were together for a couple of years before I became pregnant with our daughter, and that was a glorious time. What attracted me to my ex? Aside from all the outside handsome qualities, he seemed to have the strength and smartness to be able to do so many things. He even helped in the kitchen, and that's no joke. Washing dishes, cooking, even balling his own socks up and putting them inside the laundry basket. What else could a gal want? I never knew that he was the kind of man who would go behind my back with another woman and feel like it was okay to do so. Having him cheat on me ruined our marriage. Did I not see this in him in the early days of our relationship?

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