Living Alone, Preparing For The Unexpected

Living alone comes easily to some, and oh, so hard for others. I had to learn how to live alone, being the head of household after my divorce. I had to learn how to take care of all the household chores alone. Yes, children are great at helping but what about having to take charge when unexpected things happen, such as losing the electricity? Are you ready for such emergencies? Do you have a flashlight ready on these occasions? Do you have a phone to plug in that doesn't need electric for the moments when you need a phone, or do you have a fully charged up cell phone at all times for those just-in-case moments? Do you have a couple of canned food items for just those times? I never thought two seconds about any of it until one day, my electricity just totally went out due to someone knocking over a pole that the transformer was on. Learning to take care of all those unexpected things that can happen can be easy, once you know what to prepare for. Then again, there are some things we can never prepare for.

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