Could Things Ever Work Out For Us Again?

Oh dear, I don't know if I could ever go through the hurt and pain ever again. His cheating was just too much for me to deal with, especially since I went through this with him twice. After we divorced the first time, it took me nearly 9 months to get back with him, even then I was really horrified by what we went through. I thought the second time around things would be fine. Surely he would have learned his lesson. ..... nope, that was wrong. He only cheated on me double. Now it's been quite awhile since we have broken up and he still would like to have me back. Why does he think it will work out the third time? Doesn't he think that I have any feelings? Does he think that I am able to sweep all this under the rug and just go back to him? I need to keep the distance between us in order for him to get the point that I KNOW I could never go through his cheating again.

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