Did He Just Use Me, Or Did He Just Lose Interest?

Did we ever have anything in common at all to begin with? I thought he liked the same foods as I did, but as time went on, it seems that everything about him changed. He no longer liked eating dinner with me. He wanted to have his dinner cooked seperately and made special just to his liking. He seemed to like to go out for a long evening drive, but that suddenly changed as well. He had his own business and he came in and out so much that by the time he finally was in for the night, he didn't want to go anywhere. At first, he was so supportive, helping me with an occasional flat tire, but then he started leaving me stranded on the side of the road to call on someone else's help because he was too busy. Did we ever have anything in common, or was he just acting that way to get me to be with him? It seems like after I fixed his legal papers, he no longer wanted to be the husband that he was supposed to be. Did he use me? Or did he just lose interest when he found another woman?

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