When Will I Feel Like Dating Again?

Knowing when it's time to actually start dating can really be scary for some of us. I normally just jump right in and worry about whether the timing is right far too late to back up. When is it okay to start dating? Will others start talking about me when I feel the time is right? Will they ask me why I can't stay with one person? Honestly, no one has the right to ask me that because I am an adult. I wanted desperately to stay with one person until death do us part but it wasn't MY decision to break us apart. He made that decision to cheat and I wished that he hadn't. I wanted my marriage to last. Secondly, it shouldn't really matter if others talk about my dating again because they are NOT walking in my shoes. They don't know how bad I was hurt when he cheated on me. Lastly, I think that I will be the only one who will know when it's okay to date again. Actually, it's my heart that makes that decision. Sometimes your head can get in the way of thinking but I know that it's my heart that actually knows when I am healed enough to get out there again.

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