We Are Completely Done

Coming to a realization that he and I will never be back together again is something that I didn't want to recognize. I wanted to be with him till death do us part, but since he cheated on me, that didn't happen. We even got back together after his infidelity, only to have it happen alot more but with two women instead of one. Why would I ever think that we would get back together? Would he learn his lesson after the second time of my leaving him? Well, I have discovered the answer to this question and it is a big "NO". He claims to love me, but his actions surely do not show it. I think that he only used me while he could and when we got back together, he must have thought that he could cheat on me and I would never find out about it. But I did, and it hurt just as much as the first time he cheated. To this day, he has shown me exactly what he has to offer me, and that is nothing: nothing but being someone for me to take care of and getting nothing back in return. He made his choices and did not want to get help for our marriage. He made the choice to treat me that way and I know now, in my heart, that we are done and will never ever be together again. Why did it take so long for me to figure this out?

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