Picking Out The Right Mate For Me

Geez, it seems as though I have been through so much that I sometimes feel like I am unable to pick the right mate for myself. My mother always told me as I was growing up that I should pick a man in my own social standing. Well, what in the world did that mean? As I was growing up, it meant nothing. As I sit here today, I can somewhat see what she was talking about as far as picking someone who was compatible with my thoughts, the way I see things in the world and perhaps someone who was at least had some of the same ideas that I did. When I married for the first time, I just wanted out of the house, so I married a man who had very different views from mine. Oh, I was only 17 and didn't even know the meaning of being an adult. I had to grow up very fast because I soon had my first child, had to take care of my husband when he broke both legs and couldn't walk for a year and wasn't able to even go to college. I learned how to cook, clean and be a caretaker. Although that marriage didn't last, I gave it a good try, 13 years of my life. I struggled with his getting a good paying job while I was a stay at home mother, and being very much under his thumb while he worked and rode other women on his motorbike. Heck, I am sitting here thinking that I made a mistake when I married my second hubby, because he was the one I caught cheating on me. Why did I repeat the same mistakes on picking out the right man? Is there a law to finding the right one? Should I be afraid of trying again?

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