Did You Want To Get Revenge?

After I found out that my husband was cheating on me, I flew the house so fast it made his head swim. I was hurt beyond belief at what I had seen not wanting to confront the issues with him at that time. After a brief period of nearly a year, we reconciled and I thought that things would be better because he claimed to have learned his lesson after what happened the first time around. Things were only better on the surface. He acted like he was happy to have me back, even treated me like a queen, only to have him do the same thing all over again, only with more than one woman the next time. Day after day went by, and I pondered over how to handle the situation again. How could he have not learned over his past mistakes, that I would leave again? During the times of trial and heartache, I learned how to finally get mad about it. Instead of the crying and wondering why, I became angry at the fact that he would repeat his actions. Did I want to get revenge? No, and I'm really not sure why. Many people I have talked to have told me that they wanted to get revenge back on their spouse, but I just couldn't find it in my heart to do it back to him. How many of you would have gotten that ultimate revenge and why?

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