Keeping The Distance Between Us

As the days go by, time seems to go so slow sometimes, especially when I go through those moments of wondering how he is doing. I have days that fly right past me that I am so busy that I don't even have time to stop and think about him.....but then, there are other days that I pause long enough to wonder what he's doing. I wonder what he's doing there in that big house that was supposed to be mine. I wonder if he's eating well and getting enough rest, but I know that our marriage is gone now and I have to stop caring so much about him. Why did he have to do this to us? Was the other women in his life so important that he had to lose his family over? I am trying to keep distance between us so that I can heal. Healing takes time, and when I am here milling over him, things just seem to stay the same. I have to be stronger. Keeping the distance isn't always easy when you have children together.

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