Learning How To "Uncouple"

Learning to be alone again can be a real challenge, especially if you have been with your special someone for a very long time. You must now learn the art of sleeping alone in that big old bed, locking up your home at night, securing everything alone. If you have children, this can be of great comfort,because children can really make your life full, however, if you are totally alone, perhaps you should consider getting a pet to give you a little bit of company. This alone time can be a good thing because it can teach you how to become a little more independent. Friends and family can be so important, also in this time of learning how to uncouple yourself. Go out for lunch with a close friend, or for a coffee. Learn to do something new in your life, perhaps taking up a new hobby. Some even take a college class or two, just to take up some of that alone time. Look up some new recipes and learn how to cook for "one" or join a bowling team.

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